2014 Interior Color Trends

interior design color trends 2014

Recall that the blue and green have a calming impact, specifically if they are soft. Placid Blue-The blue sky is perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, children’s bedrooms or any area you want to convert into a soothing space.

One more attribute of this tone is that it expands the brightness, particularly when combined with white. To break this gently, if it is also dull, you can use warm and great colours that will add a touch of power.

Dazzling Blue Blue and generally darker blue, have a tendency to develop intimate environments, are quite smart and can get quite sophisticated final results, but like all dark colors, can be suffocating and make the rooms seem smaller. They are ideal for bedrooms but, yes, they need to have ample natural light and make sure that there is a neutral tone that increase brightness and obtain a sense of room, preferably white, off white, and so on..

In this bedroom ceiling and white windows and carpeted a balanced tone cream Dark blue. I like the bedside tables in dark colors since there is no excess of neutral colours, given that the bedroom is very simple and only has decorative components, excess white or other neutral colors enhance the feeling of emptiness.

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Hemlock Green is a soft mint green, but usually this essential is typically relegated to kitchens or bathrooms, has numerous possibilities in other rooms. Being a really soft tone increases the luminosity, is soothing, but it can be bland and boring, so it calls for to be mixed with more extreme and vibrant colours.

1 example is this kid, brilliant and more substantial than it in fact is thanks to the blend of the green walls and furnishings of the examine area white bedroom. Various factors in bright colours, include dynamism-cushions, carpet, stationery-and cream-colored carpet enjoying with the lamp and shade. The niche, decorative shelves, is painted in a more extreme tone.

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Another soft and quite comforting colour is purple Tulip Violet. Their primary disadvantage is that, like the pink tones, is linked with the feminine and quite romantic and classic environments are achieved, which might not like men … Although you can often make trade concessions! As top quality, it is noteworthy that it can be utilized in practically any area of our house: Bedrooms, Girls bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, bathrooms, youngsters bedrooms for girls, and so forth..

In this romantic feminine bedroom is primarily employed violet, combined with white ceiling, lamps, sofa and armchairs. As in the previous image, excess white balances in gold and wood and clear-as opposed to the previous picture, abounds in this bedroom decoration.

Radiant Purple Orchid also has numerous choices. This color can generate sophisticated and classy, present day and urban settings, modern types. All depends on how you combine.

The kitchen furnishings fronts in this colour and adopts a modern day and urban air. Has softened colour roof, countertop island and white floors but, you see, so that no excess white, each gray laminate cabinets as Cay emulating a dark wood add persona.

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Neutral colours are practically nothing risky with them diverse decorative variations and environments are accomplished. Generally gray is usually a quite cold and sober color, but in this image, the walls are painted a related gray dove , the result is a contemporary and pleasant atmosphere, combining gray with white roof, curtains and carpet. The sofa in a cream tone, brings warmth.

The ocher Sand is suitable for almost any space. As a downside, it can be quite bland, so I like this bedroom. Walls and ceiling are painted Sand colour is accomplished and thereby enhance the feeling of space and height. Decorative factors and woods perform with Sand shade: Golden, other ocher, cream …

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The warm colors of the Pantone Spring 2014 palette are fairly risky. Nothing less than a red, orange and yellow!

The Cayenne Red is a quite sizzling subject. As you recall, in the submit about ideas for interior colour , red stimulates, excites and brings a sense of vitality. Red also evokes luxury, bohemian ambiance, an Oriental fashion or urban, minimalist.

Provided that red is a shade active, it is suitable for locations that meet close friends and chat, as this space. The light wood walls and mixed with black and white chairs, lamps, dresser and rug are the blend of two opposite colours balances the intensity of the red and at the same time, adds strength to the blend of red with light woods.

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We returned to the kitchen with a shade that optimism. The orange Celosia is extreme and promotes very good mood, appetite and creativity. It is perfect for kitchens colour, children’s perform rooms, dining …

In this kitchen the primary furnishings is a classic design and also in white, like the ceiling. And, as we have seen in the purple kitchen, there are dark aspects that neutralize the monotony of white.

Yellow is typically a far more or much less challenging color, based on its hue. In this situation, the yellow Freesia is severe and could be quite “chaotic”. Yellow bright colors are ideal for children’s playrooms, and that motivate activity and creativity.

It can also be employed in other rooms, of program, but limiting its use since, although it is a extremely dynamic colour, their overuse can overwhelm. With the intense yellow, can be achieved eclectic decorative styles, Mediterranean, youth and cheerful …

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In this example, the present has the yellow light and intensifies it. To stability the color, ceiling, window sills and valances characteristic a brilliant white. Significantly of the furniture and decorative components, playing with yellow: Cream Colours on couch and carpet, mirror, wood fireplace … And to add a touch of shade, fuchsia armchairs and matching cushions. A extremely eclectic fashion, but that is content and cozy.

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