2014 Sofa Furniture Trend

Sofa Design Trends to Watch for in 2014 rios sofa bonaldo
New desirable sofa design trends to view for in 2014. What has changed in a year? Varieties are a lot more geometrical straight lines and sharp edges but  innovations come by textiles, upholstery and a lot more desirable way of stitching.
This trend revisits the tradition of Chesterfields – build the theme of prime stitching in a contemporary edition. Stitching can also be in the very same colour or contrast with the upholstery. This eye-catching sofa design and style trend is scorching in 2014. 

Sofa Design Trends to Watch for in 2014 sofa bed bonaldo

Bonaldo offers a item that has historically played a principal position in its catalog : the sofa bed. Excellent for younger properties, for children’s bedrooms, for holiday homes, the Bonaldo sofa bed has always been distinguished by an attractive style, performance and the leading quality of the materials utilized.

The new Bandy sofa bed is no exception. Designed to blend in seamlessly with modern settings, Bandy swiftly turns the sofa into a convenient bed: the manual mechanism moves the seat forward and lowers the backrest to type a comfy bed surface.  The sofa is upholstered with removable fabric the stitching can also be in the very same colour or contrast with the upholstery.

Sofa Design Trends to Watch for in 2014 multibase series segment sofa

Segment‘s identity is established by the type of its main element part, with its characteristic fundamental double-sided ends sloping at a 45° angle, therefore enabling the assembling of the elements in all 3 axes. Segment plays homage to the digits of early seven-segment digital watches, a notion that yields the likelihood of placing collectively a variety of practical and even unconventional compositions in a space.

Segment sofa is offered as a ‘multibase’ series of segments. The combinations in a series of multiple bases is supported by metal feet,  wooden element, with richly textured fabrics, in accordance to the dictates of the interior.

Sofa Design Trends to Watch for in 2014 segment sofa

Sofa Design Trends to Watch for in 2014 husk sofa

Husk sofa is not a sofa with the soft element placed on the base but is, instead, softness turned into a sofa. It is composed of a series of structural cushions, not only in the seat but also in the back and armrests that are the identical height and stand out for their certain versatility.

The armrest and the back be decidedly substantial The furnishings is protective and hospitable with no making isolating barriers. It has supports completed in copper, bronze or nickel, with throw pillows to boost comfort. Refined and casual at the same time covers privilege melange materials, both in wool and linen.

Husk sofa does not fail to remember the first challenge of revisiting the tradition of Chesterfields and of developing the theme of top stitching in a contemporary edition.

Sofa Design Trends to Watch for in 2014 softness turned into sofa

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