Abandoned Lighthouses Design Ideas

nine more abandoned lighthouses
An endless, very long time aglow… but even the brightest shining lighting will inevitably fade to black. Such is a scenario with these 9 abandoned lighthouses, rendered into obsolete obelisks through the incremental success of your time and know-how.

Whiteford Point Lighthouse – Wales, UK

Whiteford Point Lighthouse Wales abandoned(images by utilizing: Panoramio/Ed Morris and Artificial Owl)

It will possibly not appear it but Whiteford Point Lighthouse, positioned just there’s lots of coast of Gower Peninsula at Whiteford Point, south Wales, was a triumph of engineering in its heyday. Think of it, the number of cast metal buildings relationship with the conclude from the American Civil War are nevertheless position nowadays? Activated in 1866 and snuffed for very good in 1921, the lighthouse’s material partitions was as soon as discussed in shielding black bitumen.

Whiteford Point Lighthouse Wales abandoned(image via: Artificial Owl)

105 tapered cast-iron plates, every single 1 32mm (1.28 inches) thick, kind the lighthouse’s external surfaces. The plates have been being fastened to 1 yet yet another with cast-iron bolts weighing only two lbs. every. Sixty several several years after its decommissioning as well as in resolution to pleas from spot fishermen, the Whiteford Point Lighthouse was relit using an intelligent solar-powered beacon but when that broke several years later, the lighthouse was dimmed for good.

Sabine Pass Lighthouse – Louisiana, USA

Sabine Pass Lighthouse Louisiana abandoned(images via:, W5AZN, cmh2315fl and Captdave5)

Looking in the beginning look as being a mythical Confederate ” inside info ” weapon, the Sabine Pass Lighthouse in Cameron, Louisiana has stood observe within the Gulf coast considering that design was concluded in 1856. Though visually merely a shadow of its classic white-painted glory (black stripes were additional in 1932), the octagonal brickwork tower stages 85 ft extra taller and physical activities eight soaring buttresses that give it a rocketship condition.

Sabine Pass Lighthouse Louisiana abandoned(image via: Lighthouse Explorer)

The Sabine Pass Lighthouse initially ran on whale essential oil and, barring the Civil War years, remained lit by a single implies or another from 1857 to 1952. The lighthouse was combined with the National Register of Historic Places in 1982 and possessing survived a lot of hurricanes and marsh fires, currently awaits refurbishment.

Gardskagi Light – Iceland

Gardskagi Lighthouse Iceland inactive(images via: ~steini~ and Oli Haukur)

Built in 1897 and inactive because 1944, Gardskagi Light is situated for the northwestern idea on the Reykjanes peninsula about eight km (5 miles) northwest of Keflavik. The lighthouse is made of the twelve meter (36 ft) tall sq. tower which includes a smallish connected single-story gear place.

Gardskagi Lighthouse Iceland inactive(image via: AssyntNature)

The lighthouse’s lantern could have been taken shut off but instead of make it possible for the continues to be slowly and gradually deteriorate, the area authorities have reinvented the website to be a fenced bird-watching tower with accessibility towards topmost quality via the interior stairway. With its whitewashed partitions and natty twin green bands, the Gardskagi Light feels about as delighted as a possible abandoned Icelandic lighthouse could be.

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