Animal Shapes CCTV Design by Eleonora Trevisanutto

Cute CCTV Camera Designs 1

Would a cute, artistically developed chameleon sculpture make you truly feel better about being watched? A new series of CCTV camera cases by Italian designer Eleonora Trevisanutto transforms ugly, ordinary security gear into decorative objects that make surveillance look a small less intimidating.

Cute CCTV Camera Designs 3

Cute CCTV Camera Designs 4

You’re still being watched, sure, but by a lizard, squirrel, grasshopper, owl or an adorable abstracted bird. It’s like a kinder, gentler Orwellian vision of the potential. “The camera is no longer a ‘looming control’ means, but a decor element, an integral element of the area in which it is found.”

Cute CCTV Camera Designs 5

The need to have for much less intimidating CCTV cameras does make sense for areas like retail retailers, daycares and other businesses in which safety is necessary, as nicely as private residences.

The versions really do not just differ visually every animal offers its very own person functions, equipped with vision methods that can complete distinct operations like encounter recognition. That’s right – that lizard understands precisely who you are.

Cute CCTV Camera Designs 2

Even though numerous of us are so utilized to seeing ordinary cameras almost everywhere we go that we don’t even discover them anymore, Parson’s ‘Animal’ series was produced to be seen.

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