Assenede Young Adults Schools Of Tomorrow Design by De Bouwerij Architects

De Bouwerij Architects | The Schools of Tomorrow

De Bouwerij Architects in collaboration with Aupa, is laureate for designing several passive schools, like this classes for young older people in Assenede. On the aspect with the street, two split volumes are presented together by an outer wall, which proceeds as being a brick plinth of two houses. The classes site, which might be basically a cluster, has an intermediate space as central access.

The component above this ‘brick plinth’ is usually witnessed like a ‘roof size’ by equipping the facades with facade roof tiles. On the side around the landscape, the cluster opens up and that we experience both structures like a more individual given. This offers the school site having a a number of identity.

De Bouwerij Architects | The Schools of Tomorrow

A significant concrete canopy connects these two individual volumes, which makes a dry passage underneath. The spot over this canopy can be used as being a footbridge, which helps it be achievable to search from a single volume to similar within the best floor. When this footbridge is used, it can be virtually such as the individuals are going for walks about the brick plinth from the building.

De Bouwerij Architects | The Schools of Tomorrow

One volume contains the gymnasium, the refectory, an area for crafts as well as other related services. The other volume contains the supporting administrative options, the employees room, …etc. about the ground floor. Here above, all classrooms are found on the initial and 2nd floor.

These rooms cantilever when when when compared with ground floor, which translates into a discussed space below. There are two discussed entrances for the classrooms, which gives choice and variation of usage. By the process of two separate volumes, where the gymnasium and also the refectory are housed in one separate identifiable volume, it really is painless to manage the use by third occasions by reason of its sealability and accessibility.

For both volumes, a distinction was made between more acoustically tricky (sports, refectory, music) and delicate capabilities (classrooms, administration, staff room). By setting them in separate volumes, achievable acoustic interference between the functions can be avoided.

Location: Belgium
Architect: De Bouwerij Architects
Project name: De Scholen truck Morgen – The Schools of Tomorrow

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