Australia Hewlett House Design by MPR Design Group


MPR Design Group have created the Hewlett House overlooking Bronte Beach in Sydney, Australia. The abundant position client is really a creator whom we’ve efficiently worked with on numerous tasks in the past. He was open up to suggestions and obtained an ability to develop sophisticated styles and elaborate details.

The short was for just a advanced-evening household home to accommodate a few of and their several kids. The home is positioned within the northern flank with the Bronte gully with views near Bronte seaside and also the coastline past.


Our develop impulse was to place the existing spaces about the upper ground as far better views and much more mild had been obtainable. The bedrooms ended up located around the middle ground as this was more private and enclosed. The cheapest flooring carries a rumpus area backlinks the back garden and swimming combine on home.


The underlying design intent was to take a look at the thought of “prospect and refuge” within a modern household home. The “prospect” was the seashore and coast views around the south about the website which modify continually based on the season, weather conditions and time of day. The “refuge” was similar advisable character exactly where we created a good quality of room or room or space that supplies a feeling of sanctuary, enclosure and contentment.


These two crusing dreams for your residence were explored and accommodated because of devising two sculpted concrete floor types responding at their particular use. The styles are rounded in conjunction even though using sides much like tubes that happen to be third party of every other permiting the upper tube to twist near the see.


The upper tube is open-ended which permits the northern winter weather solar to penetrate profoundly on the having lived spaces while making it possible for an unimpeded view to the southern view. The variety also provides economical passive ventilation drawing the prevailing north-east breeze over the home.


On both lower levels the character with the spaces modifications to destinations of solitude and refuge. The middle tube stores the bedrooms, every single and every using a second aspect and outlook. The lower tier carries a cave like ambiance while using area shaped by the reduce bedrock wall along with a dim stone floor connecting the inner and exterior spaces. The pool provides a water component spanning between the are a blast wall and also the garden.


The home boldly sits being a modern insertion in the typically weak making share of its associated with pure environment. The context is of varying creating styles, scales and supplies so home produces a deliberate contrast in form and colour. The homogenous looks in your home permits the methods for being emphasized by solar and shadow while using the enjoy of brightness regularly shifting and shifting with the path in the sun.



Detail components have drawn upon surrounding natural forms for enthusiasm. For example, the angled companies on the entry facade reference the tree branches from the native eucalyptus. They also serve to be a privacy monitor for that dining space at the rear of the facade.


Architects: MPR Design Group

Photography: John Gollings

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