Azuma Makoto’s Bonsai Art Ideas

Bonsai trees and shrubs are beautiful, but most need an extremely focused individual to usually tend with their wants – until they’re designed from Legos. Artist Azuma Makoto hasn’t merely designed a bonsai designed in the distinct colored blocks, but in addition a ‘water bonsai’ that generally flourish irrespective of getting submerged within an aquarium.

With ‘Lego Pine’, Makoto manages to catch the appearance from a bonsai sapling with an incredibly complex Lego sculpture. Makoto’s familiarity with bonsai is distinct with this masterful reproduction, which elements branches that look like impossibly slender and sensitive.

‘Water and Bonsai’ is often a totally glazed aquarium containing what appears, initially glance, for being described as a genuine bonsai sapling. Look closer, however, and you’ll see that it’s a trunk-shaped bit of deadwood with java moss tied to it to resemble results in. The moss is kept alive which has a filtration procedure and LED lights.

Makoto is acknowledged for beautiful botanical sculptures that emphasize the natural beauty and complexity of the plant community. He emergencies a high-fashion flower purchase named JARDIN des FLEURS in Tokyo. See more of his succeeds at his website,

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