Bali’s Hotel Banyan Tree Ungasan Design

Banyan 1 architecture

Not for nothing at all is Bali known because Island with the Gods.

Banyan 2 architecture

In the elegant pavilions on this pristine cliffside spot, the difficulties of mere mortals would might seem far away.

Banyan 10 architecture

The Hotel Banyan Tree Ungasan is sited with a plateau, developed about the borders from a cliff in a height of 70 meters above the Indian Ocean.

Banyan 12 architecture

It could well be tricky not to ever feel somewhat bit god-like in this type of spot.

Banyan 11 architecture

Drawing around the traditions of Indonesian architecture, a serene sanctuary is created.

Banyan 3 architecture

The high quality architecture can be a graceful symbiosis of outdated and new, of traditional and modern.

Banyan 4 architecture

Why does symmetry seem so luxurious?

Banyan 9 architecture

Maybe it’s because everywhere in the world, the areas that remember someone or a thing important or special, like palaces or places of worship – have always been symmetrical?

Banyan 8 architecture

But there may be likewise something about perfectly pleasing proportions that plays a part.

Banyan 5 architecture

The old Sanskrit phrase for architect is ‘space imaginer.’

Banyan 7 architecture

These are some beautifully imagined spaces.

Banyan 6 architecture

And the sublime site doesn’t hurt both.

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