Battery Romantic Candle Light Dinner

It can be gruesome when you lit the candle for a candle light dinner where then in all of a sudden the alarm in your house automatically turn on and sprinkle water all over. All the settings will be wet just because of a little fire for a candle light dinner. Well, today, that will be no more.

No more alarm that will be on when you lit the candle and you can perfectly have a safe moment without having to catch fire. With battery operated led lights your moment won’t be ruin and will come in handy.

This candle uses battery and led instead the old fashion candle. The best thing is that you won’t be ever again to run out of candle. How about the scent? This battery operated led lights also come with many odors like vanilla, rose, melon, and many more.

All you need to do is to switch it on you will have a hassle free candle. This LED candle is equipped with timer, so if you have a candle light dinner and want to switch it on automatically at 9 pm where on that time your partner enter the door, she will be surprised how romantic it will be.

There are also many features that comes along with the battery operated led lights and one of them is the handy remote control where you can turn it on/off from a distance. You can shop one now and pick your favorite motifs and design.

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