Beautiful Desert Villa Design by Studio Aiko

Architecture, White Roof With Concrete Wall And A Glass Windows Also One Trees In The Middle Of Field: Beautiful Desert Villa from Studio Aiko

Some folks may possibly have been dreaming about their ideal property. A single of its dreams property is getting villa in the middle of desert. To accommodate that dream, Studio Aiko is about to think about a Desert Villa.

As its identify, the studio tries to combine in between modest and stylish villa and placing circumstance of the desert. Moreover, this is aimed to meet humoristic sense and mysterious way into one particular platform.

The design’s started by establishing a villa which its roof is pretty short. There’s massive hole on the roof for letting sunlight’s coming in the home. So, this hole can be functioned as ventilation. Below the ventilation, there is minimalist however cute swimming pool so you are in a position to grab freshness for the duration of hot weather in the desert. There are two chairs next to the pool for enabling you to get pleasure from desert views from within.

The wall’s designed by white rock in purchase to prevent the villa from any wind blowing even though at the same time, the alternative for choosing rock as wall materials can generate artistic villa considering that this material’s distinctive. Covered by glass wall, the villa has cozy sofa that generates warm feeling. Its sofa encounters the glass wall so you stay to see desert conveniently from within even though doing other routines.

In the residing room, you’ll discover such a cozy sofa with L-shape. This space looks more substantial given that its interior design and style is dominated neutral background, such as brown and white colour. 1 of the most interesting from interior design is there’s a trunk of the tree in the middle of living area and it is placed artistically.

There is also book shelf so that you can appreciate your leisure time for reading through. Considering that its cozy sensation even though getting in this area, this is appropriate room for loved ones gathering. Right here, you’re in a position take pleasure in the sunset superbly. So, you’ll keep enjoying your hassle-free villa even in the desert.

Architecture, Green Sofa With White Pillow And Wooden Wall Also Large Glass Window And Murmer Floor: Beautiful Desert Villa from Studio Aiko

Architecture, Wooden Table And Comfortable Sofa With Many White Pillow And Wooden Rack Book Also White Curtain: Beautiful Desert Villa from Studio Aiko

Architecture, Orange Sofa In The Unique House With Murmer Floor And Stone Wall Also Glass Wall: Beautiful Desert Villa from Studio Aiko

Architecture, Unique House In The Middle Field And Some Grass With Many Stone And Beautiful Sheep: Beautiful Desert Villa from Studio Aiko

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