Blackhawk Secretary Trunk Design Ideas


Anyone nostalgic on the 20s here? Despite the truth that I don’t consider personally nostalgic of any period method specific a single were currently located in – mostly consequently from the theory of living inside “here and now” and concentrating within the present, I did felt fascinated by the present unusual secretary trunk.

Distributed by Restoration Hardware and bearing the identify Blackhawk, I especially like its matte aluminum finish, and that is actually all created by hand, aiming with a a little bit distressed and vintage appear. There are intentional nicks, dings, smaller chafes along with other imperfections all contributing for that character and uniqueness of every an example of them.

When you have a look a it, could it be that this trunk reminds you within the gleaming nose cones and fuselages of mid hundred years planes I think its rounded corners, the patchwork of polished aluminum panels and especially the exposed metal screws manage effectively in doing that. Blackhawk’s skeleton is created from sound wood, though its many drawers are all lined with black cotton canvas. Quite right for the celebration.



Measuring 77′ high, 30′ depth and 41′ width, this secretary trunk might be folded into 1 item, hiding away your place of work if you don’t have to have it all-around. I guess it could also ensure it really is probable to roll it to another room, though its excess fat of 525 lbs 238 kilos warns who’s won’t certainly be a piece of cake. I’d rather suggest for that reason who’s is kept open in the picked place inside your living spaces.



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