Bodypuzzle Bathroom Design by heri&salli

heri&salli | Bodypuzzle

The architect’s office heri&salli from Vienna/Austria developed within an residence using the individual constructing manager a bathroom in which mutually alternating fragmentary mirror locations and lights fixtures form a conglomerate inside model of jigsaw puzzle in the impression along with a reflection.

Sections while using room tend to be additional indicated momentarily than brought through. Man these days renews pretty much at will the outer look of his entire people physique or put simply with the areas of his body. From a superficial point of look at it’s probable to express which a human staying consists more of fragments than a grown entity.

heri&salli | Bodypuzzle

heri&salli | Bodypuzzle

The flawlessness we get from man’s body is usually an build up of esthetically idealized sequences. The original body serves only to hang jointly these sequences or fragments-thus our bodies turns into increasingly more an intermediary area that’s not visible…the interface of our surfaces that cover the human becoming being.

In an affine way we fragment our bodies position before it by your mirror pictures (reflections) likewise as in similar way this body is illuminated and put about the scene. Different moments of our bodies grow to be visible when the consumer goes by the mirrors.

Behind it and around it are situated gear and utensils of hygiene and esthetic, which an individual should prepare himself within the deepest room or living area of level of comfort to the open up space of arrest. And it’s precisely there in which he meets once once more the seemingly belonging together perfect image of an body…from the form of made up images in the unity simulated by us. The space being a reflection with the contemporary culture we take up residence within.

heri&salli | Bodypuzzle

The pavement and also the walls, ceilings and areas of the built-in home furniture are manufactured with the spatula or casting approach Pandomo. The surfaces of the mirrors and lighting fixtures are concluded with the sides in brushed not stainable. Free-standing built-in glasses mark areas of diverse use in the room.

Architecture/Design: heri&salli
Images: Paul Ott Photografiert
Team: Stefanie Theuretzbacher
Finished: November 2012
Pandomo Floor / Pandomo Wall: Hans Ortner GmbH Wien / Martin Ortner
Mosaic: Hans Ortner GmbH Wien / Hans Ortner
Wood Work: Feichtinger GmbH / Scharnstein
Glas Work: Glaserei Sallfert / Trasdorf
Lighting: Lichtland Rittenschober / Gschwandt

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