Bottomless Glassware Design by Joe Doucet

In get to try out the celebration started fast, these beverage storage containers can not be inserted upright with a floor – it’s a must to conclude your drink before you set them down.

Some may possibly contact it impractical, and potentially it really is, however additionally , it offers an entertaining method to have your users discussing – and forcing them to interact as long as they require to fit down their magnifier before it is dry.

This establish of mouth-blown champagne, wine and martini glasses, dubbed Baccic by their designer Joe Doucet (images by Kendall Mills), have been element from the PLAY exhibit for New York Design Week, “which tackles the marriage concerning develop and “play” because of a series of ideas that re-imagine our conversation using the digital world, re-invent our viewpoints on furniture and space, revamp some old-school modes of play and realise the possibility of performing with some friends.”

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