Breust Residence Design by JUO


JUO have designed the Breust Residence in Perth, Australia. Situated on the narrow obstruct in leafy Bicton, is often a playful arrangement of contrasting products and forms from a striking two-storey home. Upon approach, the foreground is occupied by an organic timber clad framework, housing the large storage and store.

The entrance on the front door over the landscaped surrounds is punctuated by your search from the orthogonal concrete floor field framing the initial flooring quantity, which has a active steel sun shading system for the slit window accomplishing right down to build a quirky seat along at the waters’s borders under.


Though the articulation in the leading asset is surely an extruded concrete rectangle, the arrangement of spaces around creates two sturdy pavilions linked by tumbler. The arrangement of spaces, mass and orientation had been driven by passive solar design rules. The solid pavilions protect the glass quantity from your east and west, and they are all located to allow a north facing existing spot and outdoor space.


The location of glazing maximizes exposure for the northern aspect, with all the overhang in the articulated concrete box providing shading together with alternative louvres towards the earliest ground. It is anticipated that this residence will achieve an extraordinary vitality score by means of its revolutionary design.


The entry procession alongside 1st solid pavilion, encased by glass on its roof, accentuates the see from the garden outside and sky on top of. The entry unexpectedly leads directly on the amazing two-storey amount on the primary living place between both pavilions. The alright stair structure with its rod helps and balustrade develop the backdrop of this volume to a single facet, with its two extended sides currently being encased in glass.


The full height glazing not simply maintains this principal living area being an extension from the outdoors – with gardens and water on either side – but more lets for organic cross air flow to trendy the space efficiently and naturally not having mechanical intervention or ac. The view of water may be created with the application of glass towards side with the above ground lap pool, mimicking the extent of the volume between both pavilions.




Design: JUO

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