Buama House Curved Walls + Concrete Design by GAD Architecture

In a suburb of Istanbul, a young few requested a house internal that could unite their collection of antiques which includes a extra modern day aesthetic. GAD Architecture took up the issue and designed the remarkable Buama House internal renovation.

The house has an appearance of getting nearly cave-like, enclosed and really comforting. The floors, walls and threshold all appear to become continuous, with little delineation involving them.

Rather than conventional walls and doors to individual each room, the house includes many ranges separated by smooth, lower steps. Coupled with tiny recessed lights inside the ceiling, this openness contributes to an all round emotion of organic and natural wonder.

Bathrooms sparkle with alright tiles and therefore are finished completely with stone accents. The curved walls surprisingly make the bathroom parts seem to be cozy and inviting instead of enclosed.

Perhaps the best mesmerizing section of this interior redesign may be the stacked fireplace. The gorgeous attribute is whimsical but elegant, including an especially useful focal level towards home.

The bedroom is mainly noteworthy. With a curved ceiling, high wooden floor, subdued lighting effects and natural colour palette, this senses as the room that could inspire probably the most restful – and, dare we say, stylish – relaxation ever.

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