Bukit Timah Singapore JKC1 House Design by Ong &Ong

JKC1 1 architecture

The JKC 1 House while in Bukit Timah neighborhood of Singapore from Ong &Ong is as sleek and complex since you hope while using the firm. A extensive open up up dwelling place invites Singapore’s night breezes in for the residing location, without having boundaries.

JKC1 2 architecture

Its interiors are polished and gleaming bright white, contrasted using the chocolaty richness of sultry woods.

JKC1 3 architecture

A glossy black staircase connects a zen-like internal courtyard towards roofing terrace.

JKC1 4 architecture

This grey pebbled courtyard furnishes lavish daylight within the middle portion with home.

JKC1 7 architecture

This is open towards sky, and glassed in to produce an outdoor location in the center on the home. On each edge while using courtyard, coming into or taking out from the bedrooms, one would confront this central peaceful place.

JKC1 8 architecture

At the end in the hallway, a light-filled and large professional master bed room combines modern refinement and Asian medicinal elements.

JKC1 11 architecture

A quite generous level of living space can be employed in traversing this large staircase-cum-courtyard using the bedrooms and playroom arrayed about it, nevertheless it’s really a key for the serene enjoyment in the spaciousness.

JKC1 10 architecture

Coming right down towards the arrest space out of this upstairs courtyard, the sudden formality of white marble actions across from the swimming share produce a definitive contrast while using the teak fire wood employed upstairs.

JKC1 5 architecture

These five marble actions – that from in this article appear more like an architectural attribute than a staircase – are centrally put about the again in the generous open prepare existing and eating area immediately overlooking the pool.

JKC1 9 architecture

A generous contemporary kitchen is towards the again on the home with each other with the garage.

JKC1 12 architecture

The home is over a slight hill overlooking the pool in the the front, pursuing the feng shui belief of balancing the “mountain” and “water” elements.

JKC1 6 architecture

On the soil flooring, a massive urn dominates the spacious back garden hallway containing the client bedroom suite. Somehow it signifies the aplomb with which Ong & Ong deftly dispatch however a further stylish Singapore home.

A holiday to Singapore and here we are, in considered one of its most original districts, , admiring the JKC 1 House, created by an extremely exciting firm of architectur higher class residence, adorned with pure elements, that compose a sensible Feng Shui atmosphere, best for all people that wish to sense reconciled with their inside selves and prefer a peaceful lifestyle. The JKC 1 can be a combine of The dynamics spreads and blossoms all about your home, turning out to be a significant section of it.

The soil floor accommodates the residing room plus the eating room, providing an amazing view upon the front turf. The daring issue and also the factor of shock is really a insufficient windows, so generally the Besides the recharging doze of green, the residence hold unveils a amazing swimming pool, right before the opened space.

The changeover from the interior environment towards exterior landscape is made by means of a wooden floor terrace, spreading like an extension in the property. The stairs, that join up the floor ground with the upper level reveal an interesting concept : “café latte”. The reduce component to it’s wrapped in white marble plus the upper edge in appealing brown wood.

Wandering with the house, another staircase draws in the focus. Playful and meandering, it carries you at a feng shui spot, with small pebbles, rocks and slender woods approximately the roofing prime. It’s form of odd, but delightful. The roofing best is really a simply terrace, suitable for sociable gatherings, with family members and pals

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