Cacapava Private House Design by Dom Arquitectura

Dom Arquitectura | Private house in Caçapava

The land was formed by two parcels and the client wanted to have a great outdoor space. So we decided to project a compact house situated on one side, and open it to the other side, leaving maximum space for the garden. The garden remains protected by the garage and fenced area for dogs in the street side.

We propose a white ribbon that involves the whole house. It starts in the street elevation, forming the protected entrance and then it goes up to the first floor wrapping the entire house by the terraces. The wood on walls, ceilings and floors complement the simplicity of the lines, giving the necessary warmth to the house.

Dom Arquitectura | Private house in Caçapava

Dom Arquitectura | Private house in Caçapava

The house is distributed, generating two bays, the closer for service, where is placed the kitchen, the patio, the stairs and the bathrooms, and in the longer one are placed the main rooms. Primarily open spaces and sliding doors that allow us to divide some areas.

The wider strip opens to the garden through a large sliding windows that are hidden in the front walls allowing a spatial continuity with the exterior. The continuity in roof and floor permit us to generate a same indoor-outdoor space.

Dom Arquitectura | Private house in Caçapava

On the first floor we generate a terrace on the perimeter, so the interior can be protected from extreme temperatures, and vertical slats also help us to give the floor more privacy from the street and open it to the garden area.

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Architect: Dom Arquitectura | Pablo Serrano Elorduy
Surface: 275 m2

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