Casa HS Quinta Da Baroneza House Design by Studio Arthur Casas

casa hs architecture

This double height having lived place framed in black is only 1 lookup in the amazing Casa HS Quinta Da Baroneza.

casa hs2 architecture

Designed by Studio Arthur Casas the arrestingly defined residence in Sao Paulo, Brazil is receptive up atmosphere glamour.

casa hs3 architecture

Made up of about 1,000 square meters of residing living space

casa hs4 architecture

and broken down among guest/children quarters and principal residing space/master bedroom,

casa hs5 architecture

the property is designed from a cube and rectangle, both equally totally open towards the landscape and views.

casa hs6 architecture

A deck joins the spaces and possesses a retractable roof and vertical back garden with normal water attribute. As seen from the street, the home’s exterior is really a simple, often facade made up of performated material panels that provide protection, but could be opened if so coveted.

casa hs7 architecture

Bedrooms could be wholly opened towards the air conditioning.

casa hs8 architecture

Huge folding display doors completely near for wear

casa hs9 architecture

These open entirely to produce the bedrooms component to the associated with design.

casa hs10 architecture


casa hs11 architecture


casa hs12 architecture


casa hs13 architecture


casa hs14 architecture


casa hs16 architectureg

casa hs17 architecture

A master bedroom-cum-sitting room upstairs is among the list of only areas from your house that’s entirely glassed in.

casa hs15 architecture

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