Casa Lapo House Design by Florent Lesaulnier

Casa Lapo for Lapo Elkann by Florent Lesaulnier

This remarkable desire comes legitimate home pattern thoughts entitled ‘Casa Lapo’ or Lapo House, is really a assembly intended by french architect florent lesaulnier being a physical representation of an individual and everything he represents: italian small business owner lapo elkann.

The casa lapo task can be a aspiration come true. a challenge appeared to me while examining an job interview of lapo elkann inside ny instances. I had certainly not discovered lapo elkann during the amount of time but I constantly had an excellent really enjoy for italy and particularly turin, regardless if I was for no reason allowed to explain why, besides being the money of baroque and carlo mollino’s home, and also headquarters on the fiat empire, of national and international fame.

Like some character direct from journey novels, multilingual (including french), his continual travelling, indefinite curiosity and many inspirations, lapo elkann’s words and phrases guided me. An unfathomable hybrid personality, commonly making headlines while in the Italian press, he’s never in which you expect him.

It will not be a great deal of his criminal court persona that interested me but somewhat his strategy. thinking about everything, lapo elkann, mixes genres and intervals as a result of his artistic output. he created a wire of apparel together with an artistic consulting firm for any wide spectrum of specializations: fashion, event planning, design, architecture, automobile market etc.

The mixing of disciplines, products and colors are his trademark. a global artist, pressed for time, driven, anxious to understand, to assemble, to go to and revisit products, spots and spaces. His imaginative energy is even expressed through his appear. each of it seemed so familiar with no my figuring out why. My response was not a great deal of fascination but rather curiosity, and after i reached the conclude from the interview, the project was fixed. it had been incredible. A first time expertise.

C shaped metal truss system

Casa Lapo Lapo Elkan Camouflage House

Casa Lapo Lapo Elkan florent lesaulnier

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