Central Washington River House Design by McClellan Architects

Central Washington River House by McClellan Architects

The River House is located on the Columbia River in eastern Washington. The house was designed for a young family as a weekend retreat and has a separate guest house over the garage.

The home takes full advantage of the views to the river and the sage brush covered mountains. McClellan Architects also designed a lower outdoor dining room just off of the pool so that the family can enjoy the long summers.

This weekend cottage sits at the base of the Cascade foothills, opening to the banks of the Columbia River. It is home to a family of four. A guest bunkhouse and outdoor rooms define the grounds, creating a seamless relationship between inside and out.

The design program for this house emphasized its relationship to the outside and the river. The house establishes a demarcation between the desert and the river oasis. As one descends through the site the building forms open, embracing the site.

River House Central Washington

residential river landscape

residential river garden

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