Centro de Educación Infantil Design

kinder6 architecture

Spanish corporation Carmen Sánchez Blanes has received a competition to design the Centro de educación infantil in Dos Hermanas, Seville.

kinder2 architecture

Each classroom facade and porch is painted one additional color.

kinder3 architecture

This color-coding assists orient very young little ones to each and every of these classrooms.

kinder9 architecture

The bold but basic major colors used from the architects are echoed by equally bold and straightforward shapes for that classrooms.

kinder7 architecture

The simple porch structures also give some shade from your sunlight on the hottest part on the afternoon.

kinder8 architecture

Floors are made that they are reliable and sturdy, using within an elasticated rubber that has a granulated and colored finish.

plan classes architecture

The nursery school makes use of lower than 50 % the region in the full website.

kinder5 architecture

Ultimately, a primary school is planned for one another side in the significant environment.

kinder1 architecture

Once the website is more filled, these covered porches marking there’s lots of nursery school areas will even fulfill to secure the “territory” on the young children, protecting their space from more rambunctious older children.

kinder4 architecture

But with this type of large numbers of students, especially once the main school is made as well, the pick-up and drop-off point for parents was also built to get roomy, for safe poor driving.

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