Chevron House Design by Andy Martin Architects


Andy Martin Architects have designed the Chevron House inside a very suburb of West London. Responding sensitively for the old Edwardian architecture, Chevron House is often a fresh 5 bedroom family house in a creative suburb of West London.

Inspired with the architecture on the existing elegantly proportioned spaces, the design units out to exaggerate, by scaling the living room or space by removing surfaces, and attaching new space to develop a sizable Edwardian warehouse on every single three levels. The ground floor, the public level is essentially one space knowning that is divided only because with the usage of colouring and material.

On the 2nd and third levels, the individual floors, bedrooms merge into bathrooms and visa versa. The rear with the property has new extensions down both the living and kitchen attaining in to the back garden to absorb the easy on the south.

The clients brief to work with color extensively was applied in such which the walls and ceilings are left light-weight in color (off white) and that only factors or interventions (joinery etc) can be strongly shaded giving your home a lighter environment with higher sense of perspective.

The client is usually a collector of modern British talent plus it had been also a crucial section from the brief for AMA to how one may integrate it in your home.



Architect: Andy Martin Architects

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