Children French Chatou Architecture Design

An impossibly tiny returning garden outbuilding stands out as the setting for an impressive story of furnishings that becomes an entire functional interior. In a French back yard, a garden shed with only 12 sq. meters (about 39 square feet) of living room was changed right into a kind of home away from your home to get a teenager.

The teen’s household wished to grant him a place of his very own, so h2o Architects stepped in to develop this unique solution. Using silver birch plywood, they created an interior that’s composed solely of functional furnishings.

There are four distinct zones during the tiny home: living, washing, studying and slumbering. Each has its own level, and you will find storage areas interspersed throughout. There isn’t any designated dinner area since the teen resident eats with his family during the principle property.

The completed project, named Chatou because of the architects, is often a preferably beautiful abode that looks much large than it really is. The resourceful solution into a really small space just goes to show that your little ingenuity is all you have to set-up an interior that perfectly serves the needs you have.

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