Chocolate Color Interior Design Ideas

Choclate color sofas and armchairs inside a stylish living room

In some style trends, dark brown shades are called “new black” because they are amazingly elegant and seem excellent in combination with a broad range of other colours.

Thick and wealthy chocolate tones are favored as shade resolution in the interior of this apartment. The superb area of the residing location with panoramic glazing of two walls stands as a fresh frame of classy furnishings.

Not only the trim, but also the wooden elements and the table are decorated in warm chocolate. The pastel carpet and fresh green of the palm in the area only emphasize comfort and stylishness of recreation spot.

Chocolate color interior for a modern luxurious living room

Subsequent to it is the kitchen, symbolically separated by substantial breakfast bar. The shade mixture of light and dark wood interior make the space far more desirable steering clear of “heavy” appear that would have, if it was decided again in chocolate brown.

Chocolate color inspiration inside a modern kitchen design

Chocolate colored cushion used for decoration in a bedroom

Chocolate colored wall art deco inside a modern bedroom

In the bathroom, the presence of chocolate brown is sought by furniture, highlighted by warm yellow walls and the gloss surface of the mirror.

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