Costa Esmeralda House Design by BAK Arquitectos

BAK Arquitectos have intended a concrete floor house hold in Costa Esmeralda, Argentina.

Description from your architects

The client requested the project from a summer house with aesthetics and benefits, regarding maintenance, built of concrete buildings in Mar Azul.

The house must have two rooms along with a third of sporadic use: that they are visited by an older child or eventual guests.

The projectual answer seeks to capitalize around the distinction in grade between the street and in the lot. For this reason, we made a decision to resolve the home in two volumes perpendicularly intersecting in “L” at different levels, opting to offer more privateness towards the amount that contains the confidential utilizes from your home by resting covering the amount about the lot and putting it perpendicular towards front.

The higher fullness, of court use, is resolved alongside the front range taking advantage in the acacia trees that give quality of privacy and allow the enjoyment in the far views to the wilderness environment, in move its elevated location sought to deliver your home some existence from the street leaning out a little bit above the degree from the acacias.

This amount was created as a possible elongated prism, supported at one conclusion in the volume with the bedrooms. At the opposite end rests with a blind lateral wall on which, while in the lower level, the grill was located taking a look at the partially covered resulted in as flexible use area serving equally for storing of two autos regarding preparation and enjoyment with the classic roast.

This area is guarded from external visuals in component with the difference of level plus portion with the great quantity of acacias on the front with the lot, to ensure that there can certainly develop a myriad of activities.

Architeture: BAK Arquitectos

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