Courtyard Terrace Garden Design

current family residence innovative interior design

From the outside, this modern family house just appear has many openings, but on the inside notice innovative interior structure with vertically continuous internal terrace back garden.

The continuous inner courtyard terrace garden not just provide natural easy as well as capture beautiful scenery, as well as draw new perspective of how interior program must be with out of doors sensation:a new solarium style. This modern family house brings new inspiration how interior really will need to interact with outdoor.

three-storey modern family house japanese style
inner courtyard terrace garden interior perspective
inner terrace garden next-to kitchen interior idea
inner terrace garden modern family house architecture
inner courtyard for children playground house plan

This modern family house is made of three standard floors. Each flooring has own inner terrace garden that connected from first ground to roof living area. First inner terrace garden placed at side of the little beauty salon area and kitchen, so imagine you enjoy fresh meal or java with the kitchen in inner garden terrace!

This inner terrace constantly to second floor beside library area. There is usually compact open courtyard beside children bedroom act as children playground. Last is roof terrace area in third floors, provide supreme senses of openness like you position within the sky. This modern family house design developed by StudioVelocity.

open-plan new perspective house interior layout idea
roof terrace garden area openness interior design
under sky sensation roof area house design

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