De La Cuna A La Luna Toy Store Design By Juan Carlos Menacho


Juan Carlos Menacho has developed a doll retailer named “De La Cuna A La Luna” (From The Cradle To The Moon), located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Regardless with the age with the customer, once they stroll within this toy store in Santa Cruz-Bolivia, they may be presented which includes a new world. The premises because of this project had been “coloring, animation, and creativeness devoid of limits, wild and indomitable, obviously bubbly and playful”, and as soon as you occur to be within the toy store it is possible to see every one of this.

All furniture was conceived and designed for children in whose height is all about a single meter (3.3 feet). This location is colorful and organic, with a good amount of receptive living space that persuade the small an individual’s to move around and explore any object they would like.
The cases and shelves apparently dance, they move softly for the space and therefore are mild and playful.

“De la Cuna a la Luna” seriously isn’t just about toys. It also carries a theater, a their tea room, a juice bar, a soft corner, a reading room and an exercise area.

The beauty from the shop is depending about the purity of pattern by architect Menacho. The sky folds for the ceiling with the shop, having the form from a cloud that floats overhead. Special lighting lets because of this illusion to happen with soft lights that give the impression of stars, switching the character in the store by bringing day and night.”

Architect: Juan Carlos Menacho

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