Decorating Victorian Style in Your Home

When you visualize Victorian style, it promptly conjures up photos of your grand, elaborate decor filled up up with design, colour and decoration. The Victorian time period of time is classified as among 1837 & 1901 from the reign of Queen Victoria. Design right now was prompted by the great outdoors and geometry, while using prosperous using design inside their buildings to flaunt their wealth.

Use of Color

Color was helpful to indicate the fact that a space, with darker and richer shades obtainable inside library or parlour. As time progressed Victorian style changed, with these darker styles becoming much more prevalent for the property, regularly as a result of harming influence of pollution while in the cities.

The colors most used in Victorian design ended up tertiary colors, that happen to be created by mixing equal quantities with the principal and secondary colors. So if you are aiming for the Victorian glimpse inside your own property, pick cozy and subdued tones for instance mahogany brown, burgundy, plum, mustard yellow, gold, sage, olive environmentally friendly and lavender.

During the Victorian period all colors was produced in the natural and organic and natural pigments that was out there along at the time, so considering the limitations there seems to be a surprising quite a few types of coloring. Some colour providers postulate to provide conventional Victorian fresh paint shades, which will provide a fantastic sense while if you are following a more authentic look, you will find some authorities who produce paint produced from standard organic materials.


Nearly each and every working surface in the Victorian property was protected in styles, especially sophisticated decoration with flora and fauna proving a famous theme for stencils, wallpapers, materials and rugs. Geometric patterns and stripes also have fun with a large component in developing authentic Victorian style.

This adore of pattern was extended against furniture, ornaments and wall moldings. Walls were decorated with prints, dado rails and wall paneling. Cornice was an extremely popular element of Victorian homes, with Victorian style cornice being quickly recognizable by its many ridges, curves and deep inner cove which includes a trifling degree and usally projection onto the threshold.

Getting the Victorian Look in Your Home

As mentioned Victorian design was often synonymous with decadence and class, so including a feel of Victorian style to the own property will increase worth to any room. Victorian influenced furnishings, wallpapers and fabrics are extensively offered from wholesalers and dealers, and there exists a wide wide range on provide you with you geared to distinct budgets.

If that you’re aiming to easily create a period characteristic to the house, traditional decorative cornice is perfect for including a understated hint of Victorian style. To receive it another step further you possibly can add ceiling roses, domes and tiles for brightening up your gentle fitting or including interest to the ceiling.

High skirting boards were also a feature this also impact may be realized with merely a standard height skirting, after which adding a dado panel train 10-15 cm’s earlier mentioned and painting the entire spot some other color towards remainder in the wall to grant that grander result.

Whether that you are aiming to transform your home right into a full Victorian dream house or simply want several elements to obtain traditional period look, you will discover all sorts of possibilities that could give your home that authentic style and elegance.

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