Dot Table Design by Casamania


Approaching Russian designer, Lera Moiseeva’s debut in Milan featured the significantly acclaimed `Dot’, a table manufactured by the renowned Italian organization, Casamania.

Undertaking carry out on the notion of transformation, the Dot Table by Casamania, otherwise a stationary parked ensemble, transforms into a mobile 1, due to the lowered side table capable of turning 360 degrees encircling one particular specific of its legs.

The enhanced table stands on three legs with the decrease 1 linked to a wheel, lending a wheelbarrow silhouette to the complete configuration. This dynamic transformation proffers multi efficiency enabled by an array of attainable arrangements.


Structured out of reputable oak, the Dot table comes packed with electrical energy and solidity backed up with sleek, linear &amp minimalist aesthetics, touched up with a sprinkle of dynamism. Dot table just slips into any vital carry out or region, be it a bedroom or an workplace, it graces every and each and every single single area adorned with its sleek charm and multifariousness.

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