Drop Rest Coffee Mug Design by Kim Keun Ae

Avid espresso drinkers are well aware inside problems using the java ring: that unpleasant brown circle turned around the table should you grab your mug. No points how hard you attempt to sip without dripping, this indicates that one or two small drips usually make their way straight down the facet from the mug to mar no matter what it’s seated on.

Designer Kim Keun Ae has provide you with an ingeniously simple resolution for this rampant problem. The Drop Rest mug incorporates a particular tiny groove around the lower part on the mug. The groove employs the principle of surface area tension to catch and hold all those tiny little droplets and reduce them from reaching the very bottom on the mug.

Even turning the mug sideways when it is possible to find droplets captured in the groove (with the principle cavity in the mug empty, of course) won’t free the little drops of java. They’re held securely until you wash the mug, which would probably you need to take a lttle bit more effort than cleaning a normal, non-grooved mug.

Of course, you may just work with a coaster under your morning glass of coffee. But until you’re always pretty meticulous about where you establish your coffee down, you’re improved off just stopping the drips before they invade the mug’s bottom. The Drop Rest mug is only a procedure and never just an item you could in reality purchase, but we’re hoping some sensible producer will partner with the developer to build this brilliant concept take place.

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