DRSL Paparazzi Lamp Design by Monoculo Design Studio


Monoculo Design Studio have created the DRSL Paparazzi lamp. Monoculo Design Studio presents this original lamp that’s a replica to a reflex photographic camera lens. Carefully handmade with excellent resources and ok terminations, the lens hood might be reverse installed or taken off.

The lamp is made from alder wood and includes a water-based varnish and beeswax finish off on it. Additionally, its develop is 100% Eco-friendly. On the superior it’s a ceiling body having a not staining cable and also a crimson wrapped power cord.

It would complete a amazing surprise who any individual that happened within your your life who loves pictures or it could serve being a unforgettable touch to any room’s decor. While the inspiration because of this hanging lighting may appear unusual, the concluded solution is marvelous.




Designers: Mónoculo Design Studio

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