Ekokook Futuristic Kitchen Design by Fantazi lab


Today I’m discussing a most interesting strategy that combines kitchen, ecology and effective recycling. I must divulge that quite plenty of your time could have been invested in from me diving deeper and deeper into its details to be a method to provide you by using a number of basics to talk about with you. At the beginning it seemed to me that I was learning about a NASA process!

Completely astonished, line by line read, I was becoming informed about how exactly in reality the vision of considerably of persons can use a terrific influence on our everyday having lived and our lives on this entire entire world.

I suppose we’re all informed that humans are in reality the greatest enemies of his or her house, planet planet. It is quite comforting to discover that you’ll find designers, scientists and people of all kind who health care enough to locate alternatives that could have a very permanent positive effect on our world.

The Fantazi lab made it transpire by designing and delivering Ekokook, an alternate way to life inside the kitchen, that is undoubtedly the center with the home, there where most action comes about. Action involving creative preparation of delicious food, at once are actions that lead in massive production of misuse and energy use.

Just take into account that to get a minute: ovens, dish washers, fridges and freezers…. peeling of vegetables and fruit, throwing packages, using water.


Ekokook is determined by four essentials: waste management, kitchen health, reduction of energy intake and intelligent safe-keeping.

It has built-in fittings – I learn how impressive and ingenious! – for selecting, processing and storing a myriad of wastes: organic, stable and liquid. In fact, just think about every “o” obtainable from the word Ekokook, standing to get a recycling circle, each representing the type of wastes just pointed out.


This includes electro-mechanical appliances that consume less energy, for example a twin-tier dishwasher, steam oven and fridge with compartments. The supplies used along with the fabrication procedure are such so in respect of develop the least possible bad effects regarding the environment.

All in all, Ekokook could be the future of home living only who’s has already took place. So, the definition of your opinions on that? Do you also care about the effect the way in which we live has about the environment? Would you think about integrating a real kitchen system at your residence?



* More material at ekokook

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