Extra-curricular Activities Center Design by Grupo ARKHOS

Grupo ARKHOS | Extra-curricular things to do room

The constructing to make the Tec de Monterrey University in the Juarez Campus, is in heart and soul a making destined to sponsor almost just about every using the extracurricular things to do provided to enrollees together in High institution as in College and Higher degrees.

Grupo ARKHOS | Extra-curricular exercises center

Grupo ARKHOS | Extra-curricular actions center

Surrounding this particular Gym on its leading and an illustration of various sides, the developing have to integrate to it by using a blood blood circulation corridor on equally stages while through the Project. Uniting every structures and producing a meaningful principal facade which includes western orientation, resolving an historical thermal issue around the old health and fitness center, and providing it a fresh and renovated have closer to its gain accessibility to plaza, integrating through its architecture for that remainder using the campus properties.

Grupo ARKHOS | Extra-curricular pursuits center

The 52,000 sq. Ft. Building really really must offer twelve classrooms for varied activities including Martial Arts, Classic and Popular dance, Painting and Sculpture workshop, Fitness, Theatre, Music, Express workshops, Cooking classes, also it’s a smaller auditorium, a Racquetball court, and as well a multi-use hall.

Grupo ARKHOS | Extra-curricular activities center

It also gives program locations for college scholar organizations with ten various spaces. It has plenty of storage places to accommodate the effort stuff on all the workshops and restroom services on each stages. Instead of placing the modern creating adjacent towards the active gym on its south Wall, we decided to come up which incorporates a plaza between at the same time structures (accessible and new), the just a is shadowed from the popular creating many while using the year, along while using circulation to get into every bit in the classrooms can make a discussed portico encompassing the plaza.

The Project, in addition to fulfilling the long waited demand to possess suitable spaces for your integral growth in the alumni classes, it should show that Tec de Monterrey University can and desires to accomplish issues differently, which they will change paradigms, along with the they may be devoted attention to the surroundings and wanting to spend on ecological contracts.

Also, around an period of fiscal and communal situation in Mexico, but specifically in Ciudad Juarez, we needs a developing that receiving with austere finishes, would make an optimum and dignified room or space to the growth in the activities for which it turned out conceived, with just the required Budget, and keeping the compromise for just a ecological campus.

Grupo ARKHOS | Extra-curricular activities center

The combined textures and finishes, largely around the perimeter in the making, alternating the delivery charges container towers while using louver included Windows in the classrooms, generates a sequence of solidity and transparency.

All within a prevalent characteristic, the sustainable theme, expressed because about the recycled storage storage storage storage storage storage storage containers along with the care for that sun’s incidence about the south and west facades. The vertical stripes for your sides about the containers contrast with the horizontality for the louvers.

The utilised intermodal shipping containers towers are employed in the 100% on its 4 amounts. The initial and 3rd quantities their operation is integral with the workshop its adjacent to, as didactic spot for the professor, a location for resting about the athletics workshops, and also hosts the stairs for the storage rooms as well as the university student association performance regions situated about the next and 4th ranges.

Grupo ARKHOS | Extra-curricular activities center

The restrooms may also be stationed within the containers on every single workshop levels. The odds to modify the container with significant voids granted that your spot within the container be an integral element around the workshop, getting it a lot a lot more than an utilitarian use.

The use of metallic louvers and aluminum solar panel things around the western primary facade, authorized us the integration of this making with the remainder with the buildings on campus and also the leading Access about the intricate adjacent to some plaza with mature trees and shrubs took importance, and solved the issue of western coverage within the existing gym.

Grupo ARKHOS | Extra-curricular activities center

The use of recycled shipping containers helped us lessen CO2 emissions produced through the pattern strategy in the making. We utilized thirty six employed forty ft. containers and just about every container stops the produce of tons of steel, as the majority for the lateral loads on the composition in the developing ended up consumed from the container columns permitting to possess column areas just adequate to pass the vertical loads on the workshops.

The workshops have windows on two reverse sides, the north part that is completely shadowed along with the south facet guarded from the aluminum louvers, letting us to do activities during many daytime without having artificial lighting effects and protected from warmth gain.

Grupo ARKHOS | Extra-curricular activities center

Grupo ARKHOS | Extra-curricular activities center

The sides with the containers are included with automotive painting which includes a nano-sphere ceramic aggregate that makes a texture incredibly immune to abrasion, this microscopic spheres repel a lot from the warmth irradiated by your sun, supporting the isolation element on the developing. On the on the inside of of aspect from the containers we use Icynene spray foam, a non polluting insulation, blanketed by linen are insane panels.

The sleep in the buildings finishes are grinded after which you can polished concrete and laminate decking in the containers and on the mezzanines. This allowed us to maintain functioning and protection fees into a minimal. The inside from the workshops have floors based on their use. The design and style procedure allowed to scale back waste material volumes and the construction phase also was reduced.

Grupo ARKHOS | Extra-curricular activities center

Far from closing with a dull constructing in line with its function as workshops, is often a building that has color, texture, rhythm but mainly, it’s a building that teaches, that educates on its personal, is definitely a instance of excellent reference use, both economically as environmentally, it shows that recycling can bring spot on several ways, that design may be optimized and the were committed with the atmosphere, and what far better spot to instruct every one particular of this than in the building manufactured particularly to evolve the entire prospective of their users, getting one in the greatest from them in activities done not by obligation but by their particular will. In this resourceful environment by definition, the building was meant to coach us anything too.

Grupo ARKHOS | Extra-curricular activities center

Grupo ARKHOS, can be a Design Firm Cofounded in 2008, by architects Ruben Escobar-Urrutia, LEED AP and Ricardo Pacheco-Lopez. Since that day we certainly have operated over a really varied assortment of projects, from student facilities and classroom university buildings, business office buildings, restaurants, and at present doing do the job with a 60,000 sq. meter Convention and Exposition Center and on two 10 tale IT development buildings, one already less than construction and looking for a LEED Gold certification.

They have offices in Juarez Mexico as well as in Mexico City. And have designed projects in several metropolitan areas in Mexico including Chihuahua, Juarez, Mexico City and Cancun. And in the United States in El Paso, Texas. Our design method is constantly towards sustainability and innovation.

Location: Tec de Monterrey University in Juarez, Mexico
Architect: Grupo ARKHOS
Project name: Extra-curricular activities center
Client: Monterrey Tech University, Juarez Campus
CoPrincipal: Ruben Escobar-Urrutia LEED AP.
CoPrincipal: Ricardo Pacheco-Lopez
Completion date: February 2011
Gross rectangular footage: 52,000 gross rectangle ft.

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