Fairytale Hotel Design Ideas

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Waterfalls stream down the sides of mountain-shaped, moss-covered structures, even though white horses gallivant in front of castles that search like they had been ripped right out of a guide of fairytales.

These 15 hotels are amongst the most magical locations to remain anyplace in the globe, from ancient palaces in India to gleaming ice hotels in Quebec. Even though some are a peek at how the 1% live, other individuals are remarkably affordable.

Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile

Magical Hotels Magic Mountain 2
Magical Hotels Magic Mountain Lodge Chile

If elves took up residence in Hobbiton, this is what their residences would look like. The mountain-shaped construction is dotted with arched windows and obscured with lush greenery. Waterfalls stream down the sides to drench the moss, ferns and flowers.

Found within the remote Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve, the hotel needs an adventurous spirit to even entry, but it’s effectively well worth the work. Practically everything is constructed from locally, sustainably sourced wood.

Neemrana Fort Palace, India

Magical Hotels Neemrana

A 15th-century palace constructed into the hillside in India is now a five-star, fifty five-bedroom hotel with kingly views more than the nearby village. Neemrana Fort Palace is full of genuine decor from periods throughout India’s historical past and contains displays that educate guests about the palace’s fascinating past. Although rooms right here commence at just £50 per evening, visitors are provided the royal treatment method, with options like poolside spa treatment options and hot balloon rides above the valley.

Fairytale Hotel in Belgium

Magical Hotels Balade Gnomes 1
Magical Hotels Balade Gnomes 2

Rest in a surreal medieval-design chamber inside of a massive wooden Trojan Horse at Belgium’s La Balade des Gnomes Hotel. This bizarre retreat boasts 10 exclusive rooms sculpted with the organic earthen developing material known as cob to develop all kinds of curved customized surfaces. The horse is just one particular of the hotel’s suites – others contain a troll’s lair and a Macquarie Island space with a boat-shaped bed.

Crazy Property Hotel, Dalat, Vietnam

Weirdest Hotels Crazy House 1
Weirdest Hotels Crazy House 2

The aptly named Crazy Residence Hotel in Vietnam began as the private residence of architect Hang Viet Nga, who clearly let her imagination run wild in creating an organically shaped construction reminiscent of the Barcelona ouvre of Antoni Gaudi. Created from the base of a dead tree, the home is complete of ladders leading into hidden nooks and via tight tunnels. Rooms price as minor as $ 22 USD per evening.

Thorngrove Manor Hotel, Adelaide, Australia

Magical Hotels Thorngrove

The Thorngrove Manor Hotel could very easily double as a princess castle at Disneyland, it is so picturesque. Situated in Adelaide, Australia, the castle-like construction seems centuries-previous but was actually developed in 1994 as component of a vineyard. Although all the rooms are collectively in 1 building, there are no typical spaces, and couples staying there in no way require to see other visitors.

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