Family House K17 Design by DAR612

DAR612 | Family home K17

This dwelling is stationed over a chiseled web web site located within just a dense city setting. The site borders with housing streets on its two sides.

The U-shaped form on the home results in intimate green zones of gardens and terraces, secluded within the street views. Operable magnifying glaas panels available your home towards exterior, merging the inside plus the outdoors, and making the terraces grow to be an extended part with home.

DAR612 | Family home hold hold K17

DAR612 | Family house K17

The terrain floor is broken down into two wings with spaces that open for the included terraces, which keep on right into a back garden. The large living room may be employed as one space, or divided with sliding panels into numerous separate rooms. A two story-high entry, with wooden staircase that prospects on the basement and towards the primary floor, enables views upon the garden and all spaces in your house.

DAR612 | Family house K17

DAR612 | Family house K17

DAR612 | Family house K17

The design in your house follows its functional distribution: the facade from the ground floor (living area) is color coated, and most important floor (private area) is protected in wooden panels. The house is covered with two-sided sloped roofing.

Location: 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Architect: DAR612
Authors: Andrea Donatovic Poljicak, d.i.a., Morana Lepur Donatovic. d.i.a., Jakov Poljicak, d.i.a., Lovro Donatovic, d.i.a.
Photographs: Robert Les
Site area: 720,00 m2
Bruto area: 400,00 m2
Project: 2005
Completed: 2006

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