Finland Espoo House Design by Olavi Koponen

Curves is usually challenging, but inside and out, this dwelling follows through, wrapping up and around to form two testimonies of semi-endless living area that thinks both domestic and dynamic.

In Finnish tradition, wood is usually found while inside home, adding an organic touch that reinforces the curved shape, with concrete floor and steel participating in secondary roles.

Designed by Olavi Koponen and created in Espoo, Finland, the layout proceeds from public to private spaces and balances static rooms with an expression of ongoing movement.

In every single space, furniture as well floats during the space or is custom-fit on the exterior. This will not be an low-cost proposition, particularly when you are looking at built-ins … nonetheless it does make every little thing feel homey and fit-to-purpose.

In plan and elevation, you possibly can see the single main break in the continuous curve, setting up a separation for your master suite area, starting using the open-style bathroom and primary in to the bedroom.

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