Heinz Julen Penthouse Design Chalet In Zermatt by Architect Heinz Julen

Swiss Mountain Chalet

Designed by architect Heinz Julen, this three-level penthouse loft chalet located during the mountaineering and ski vacation resort town of Zermatt in Switzerland is usually a gorgeous contemporary mountain retreat.

The 260 square meter (2,800 sq. ft.) chalet includes a fireplace nesting from the midsection in the living-room window, and authentic hand-made your furniture (including Julen’s well-known chandeliers and chairs).

The use of magnifying glaas roofs gives a really unprejudiced and airy experience. The chalet also features a bird’s nest see in the village along with the Mischabel mountains.

Zermatt Chalet

Contemporary Mountain Home

Swiss Alps Penthouse

Mountain Chalet Rooftop

Via: Camel Snow

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