Hotel Modez Interior Design By Fashion Designers

Located inside Fashion Quarter of Arnhem, The Netherlands, Hotel Modez is really an original boutique hotel decorated by thirty different fashion manufacturers under the guidance of Piet Paris.

Each with the twenty rooms has its thought-provoking and distinctive theme. In one place, the design is really a contemporary patchwork of wallpaper and curtains filled up with scannable QR codes which hide racy pictures. The black and white codes is usually read by smartphones.

Another room features a suitcase theme with old-fashioned interiors. 3D wallpaper with supplies used in fashion including safe practices pins, buttons, stitching threads and lots of extra make up the theme in among the many other rooms. Other themes include embroider, knitting, lace, perfume plus much much more.

QR codes wallpaper

Designer Theme Room

Perfume Theme Room

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