House in Yamasaki Design by Tato Architects


An enigmatic architecture is usually full of mystery and complexity… In this unique case, nothing is what’s seems: a composition of about about three volumes – just like the regular pitched roof house – rests above just one inhabitable program, giving body to some house for any family with two children.

House in Yamasaki is situated in Hyogo, Japan and carries a making part of 94sqm cleverly conceived as a possible inhabitable sculpture. The program’s distribution respects a bunch of remarkable solutions, assuring a pacific integration while using active context.



The terrain floor is lowered 760 mm underneath the ground to have a firm basement and as well to respect the non-urban silhouette from the surrounding houses. A mix of social and private places is created within an abnormal way: open areas are reserved for kitchen, living and eating while separated spaces enclose bedrooms, closet and toilet.



An interior patio gives an outdoor access for the roof terrace where three different shaped boxes contain three distinct functions: the small is often a sunroom; the medium contains a third bedroom (with a ladder access) while the bigger one is reserved for an superior bathroom.




Corrugated polycarbonate panels utilized for external walls of the three volumes. Moisture and normal water absorbing and heat-retaining sheets of greenhouse use are inserted in between the corrugated panels and structure.

An amazing solution for both summer and winter time, don’t you agree? The facades in the platform are discussed with fibers strengthened cement board, contrasting while using lighter material in the solitary boxes that gently recall historical architectural forms…



* More data at Tato Architects

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