Human.Kind Offices Design by PPS Architects


PPS Architects have designed the offices of Human.Kind, an advertisements agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa.Human.Kind Advertising is surely an advertising agency based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

They approached us, PPS Interiors, to deliver them having a conceptual redesign of these inside spaces. The brief was to set-up fun spaces which maintained a degree of corporate professionalism, whilst introducing a uniquely South African flavor.


The main complications we identified while using existing area was a decrease of coherent, style follow-through, dark spaces and an overly segmented office environment prohibiting secure flow from 1 space to another. The constructing is definitely an old Johannesburg house which was converted into offices a while ago, the primary cause for that difficulties we addressed.


With this in mind our main objective was to open up the building to more brightness and make a dynamic dialogue among rooms previously unrelated to one another. Use is made from the Astroturf protected bulkhead, which flows in the spaces connecting the reception towards main boardroom and forming a patiently waiting bench in reception in addition to a concealed entry on the client bathroom, so in respect of gain a interconnection among rooms.


It was crucial for offset homage towards colonial roots on the building with the contextual point of view, however what was more essential was to integrate these colonial roots with contemporary South African culture, as a result celebrating the vibrant, diversity of The Rainbow Nation.

This was achieved through combining traditional European components for instance damask patterned wallpaper, with traditional African textures including the lath fence railing to the staircase traditionally accustomed to type a “boma”.


The South Africa cut-out in the reception area demonstrates the 9 provinces with the countryside. Alongside this are welcome greetings of every one with the 11 official languages spoken in South Africa. The colour on the greeting corresponds for the colour of the Province whereby the language is spoken.


The library/small conference room was designed so as to develop a versatile space by which one could relax or conduct a meeting. As a chill room, the table and benches are folded up into an integrated built-in bench which one is able to use to lounge on. Fold down the table and benches to uncover the library shelves plus the space results in being a little meeting room.


Upstairs, the 2nd boardroom makes playful use of color and texture to set-up a dynamic partnership between old and new. Elements including the boardroom chairs and damask patterned wallpaper coupled with vibrant colors and textures from the reclaimed timber cladding, astroturf and polished concrete floor are juxtaposed setting up a funky and fun, though coherent space.




Architects: PPS Architects

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