Inkstone Bathroom Design Ideas by Italian Neutra


What do Italian design and Chinese calligraphy have in common? Well, depending on the perspective pretty much or perhaps not quite a lot.

But in the case of the Italian bathroom design brand Neutra, Chinese calligraphy is the initial inspiration for the creation of their recently released, sleek, minimal collection called Inkstone, designed by the award winning architect Steve Leung.

This collaboration was the result of the owner’s wish to strengthen the presence of Neutra in Asia. Wint Leung being based in Hong – Kong, choosing him was perfect. His bathroom designs reflect clearly the character of the East, where minimalism and a zen culture often prevails.


I’m personally very attracted to the plasticity of the shapes, just like in the bathtub below… how pretty and elegant are these lines turned into curves below? The extreme simplicity of the round washbasins is also quite appealing. Combined with the straight lines of the wooden furniture upon which they rest, a calm, balanced outcome is brought to life.


Asides for their shape, Inkstone bathroom line stands out for its marvelous selection of nine different types of natural stone in which its offered. Notice that each piece is hand curved out of a solid block of stone in Italy.

Totally loving the ones portrayed here in the color of the wet sand, it makes me dream about the day our grey marble bathroom will be transformed to something less fuzzy and somehow impressive to a more zen, just like this here. A place where taking care of our bodies meets with relaxing our spirits and uplifting our souls.



bathroom-design-inky-5Iro – Ivy Nassopoulos

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