Japan Muko House Design by FujiwaraMuro Architects


In Kyoto, Japan a sculptural level assumes an intriguing presence within the suburb context of Muko. A two-story making stands perfectly disguised driving a wall of concrete ground floor vertical bars by using a total flooring section of 100sqm.

This kind of formal mask contributes to its enigmatic appearance while generating just the right filtration from your street. Actually, the primary facade curves throughout the south-east edge from the building to course the shape of your roads going alongside.

Two-story huge windows are positioned between each one from the concrete vertical bars enabling pure lighting to filter over the wall, casting a diversity of shadows all over the interiors on distinct time of time of day. The absence of boundaries between site and street give place into a more liberal connection to House in Muko.



The top front door is put beyond a final concrete wall and points into an open-plan residing and eating region that occupies a lot from the terrain floor. A small room sits with the returning of this living space and it is wholly crammed by the double size bed, but inhabitants can switch this tiny compartment into an extension from the living room that has a set of sliding partitions.



A staircase leads to as much as the children’s bedroom for 1st floor in which a balcony overlooks the level beneath. Last, although not the least, another staircase gives access for the bathroom and washroom and ends its journey inside a magnificent rooftop terrace. All is clad in light in-and-out this enigmatic building, only wooden interrupts this frequent premise, position warmly existing in structural elements, pavements and furniture.


Architects: FujiwaraMuro Architects

Photography: Toshiyuki Yano

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