Jasper Leather Card Wallet from Mr. Lentz


Leather is just one particular of individuals components that in no way goes out of trend and always indicates a sort of personalized energy. It smells wonderful, it looks great, and its texture is soothing. Recognizing all this, the Jasper Leather Card Wallet from Mr. Lentz was created for the leather lovers.

With a stunningly simple layout manufactured from one piece, the wallet characteristics rivets produced by hand, a easy button to clasp it shut, and just a couple of slits that can fit your credit card, a few expenses, and your ID.


Available in Snap or Standard design, there are three various tans in which you can acquire the Jasper Wallet. There is Sun Tanned Natural that darkens as it ages, Western Brown, and the intense Desert Night Dark.

Even though several of us who purchase a Jasper Wallet will be living elsewhere than the desert, each time we reach into our pocket and touch our wallets, I bet we’ll really feel transported to a frontier hundreds of years old.


Photography courtesy of Mr. Lentz.

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