Kara Rosenlund Kitchen Design Ideas


Are you prepared for some serious dosage of deep rooted elegance, charm and impeccably beautiful order?

Then I hope your feathered wings are all shiny and ready, so that you can come fly with me above this amazing home residence belonging to Kara Rosenlund, the accomplished photographer, stylist, buyer and seller whose career takes her all over the world and her clients include famous people like Madonna.

Kara and her husband Timothy spent three years restoring and renovating the 19th century worker’s cottage they purchased, after their decision to leave London and return to their native land in the Scottish coast.



They have incorporated many traditional fixtures and materials to create a contemporary feel. They love white surfaces and have managed to create a mostly interesting interior using it as a canvas to create upon.

Wisely chosen wooden objects, natural elements like a tortoise’s shell in the bedroom, a beautiful Moroccan wedding blanket in shades of linen beige in the entrance hall paired with accents of humor like using large pineapples as decor, open shelving, a marriage between “cold” marble and “warm” wood and rattan, are some of the ways talented Kara and her husband are introducing texture, interest and character in their gorgeous home.



Their kitchen with its white marble top and sink and the open shelving gives the impression of a traditional one, while in fact it is quite modern, featuring clean, sleek lines and latest technology electric appliances in stainless steel.

Everything is kept well organized in clear glass jars with labels, wooden boxes within drawers or in other innovative ways, such as suspended from wall hooks nets, providing storage for fruit.


As you stroll through the pictures, which one catches more your attention? I’m deeply loving the dining area with the round marble top table, surrounded by rattan chairs and the built in couch, decorated with but a simple bucket of olive tree branches.

Not that I don’t adore the living room with the old shades, the collection of shells, or the simple bedroom with the ladder, the round ruffled pillow and the brass lamp, all shining like jewels bathed in the generous light reflected on the white walls and bed linen.





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