Kitchen Design Ideas


It’s a type name new year, and for several folks which means a brand new kitchen! If you’re planning a kitchen redesign but you’re stuck for inspiration, we’ve bought several of 2013′s hottest trends wrapped up:

1: Perfect lighting effects. The kitchen usually occupies an intersection between functional and homely, plus the lighting is required to reflect this. Task lighting for do the job areas, ambient lighting for seating – mix it approximately create the ideal environment.

2: Muted shades. If your kitchen’s within the bright side, here’s the right reason to improve it – the color trend for in 2010 is neutrals, so get busy with greys, greens and normal fire wood shades and tones. You can still liven items on top of a hint of color just as one accent, though!



3. Glass splashbacks. The high-gloss seem is made to the kitchen, and some tasteful tumbler tiles may give your kitchen a modern borders that’s more visually helpful than ceramics. Buy in a very couple of colours and complete a mosaic.

4. Invisible appliances. Well, it’s possible not invisible, but tucked separate and blended effortlessly on the kitchen. Hide points like dishwashers and fridges behind wooden panels to perform this sleek, streamlined glimpse.



By Wren Kitchens – Kitchen Designers

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