Kork Tables Furniture and Lighting Design by Twodesigners


Based in Liege (Belgium), Twodesigners have created Kork, a family of stuff created from cork.

KORK proposes to start off out within the simple and usual cork and realize a family of stuff depending for the interconnection concerning various elements.

Every combination has its individual id in the process over a graphic quality as applying a functional level. Every piece is made to a material hooping where two elements enter and mix. The use of cork as being a material guarantees an assembly with no using any paste or screw. The material hooping compresses both elements and creates a physical solidity.


So in its use the concept proposes a multitude of possible assemblages based on some basic cork pieces, transforming the object along with every new combination.

Saving raw material was also a priority in our research subverting the image of the simple cork, this family of objects is based on the connection between the various typologies.


Designers: Twodesigners

Photography: Germain Ozer, Rodrigue Strouwen, Damien Aresta and Jonathan Honvoh.

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