Limekiln Line House Design by Studio Moffitt


A discrete silhouette used on an infinite rural horizon… That’s House on Limekiln Line. The special ingredient because of this artificial chameleon relies on its dialogue with all the neighborhood culture and landscape, engaging a rich relation while using the larger ecological and environmental processes on the enormous agricultural landscape during which home sits.

In fact, the project is made up by just one tale amount with only 85sqm of constructed area. The distribution with this system follows a theory to a assistance core placed within the middle within the plan while the remainder in the areas are disposed around or previously mentioned it.



A deck leads towards entrance in which a closet sets apart the hall area on the bedroom. The kitchen, rest space and technical closets are centred from the so called service core, where a smallish staircase leads us into a mezzanine zone used as being a study and storage area.

The existing room is placed in the opposite part on home served by an enormous porch at one facet and also a narrow deck heading towards other. Everything generally be developed so as to obtain the very best views in the infinite landscape…



The house is off-grid and uses sustainable measures that reduce operational and embodied electricity consumption. Solar orientation eases passive heating and cooling. Triple glazed windows – along which includes a very insulated envelope of galvanized rock sheets – make sure energy consumption required to supply the residence is small.

The white painted ceilings and partitions generate an expanded sense of space contrasting with all the polished smooth concrete floor. Outside, a wide rural horizon earned a meaningful companion to talk about the everlasting transform of seasons…



Architects: Studio Moffitt

Photography: Gabriel Li, Shai Gil

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