Madrid House Design by A-cero


A-cero have produced a home in Madrid, Spain.The principal idea should be to integrate the building in the surroundings focused towards the excellent views from the housing development, acquiring good thing about the minor off-levels with the whole lot themselves.

The task evolves linked to these conditioning with two resounding volumes, rectangular, developing an incredibly uncomplicated scheme, which solves the internal format with big spaces in half amounts and double heights.


About the building, high light the clear finishes, pick out materials and special characteristics. The property is surrounded with a landscaping made with attractive interventions including a preexisting hardwood extension.


Inside we get operation adhering to the “modus vivendi” from the property. The generously measured residence is produced in some heights. The primary access is designed to an off-level terrain. Inside in terrain level the lobby, distributor and wardrobe, the living room, the eating room, the kitchen, the office, the pantry, a toilet, two bedrooms, two dressing rooms, two bathrooms and a terrace.


The porches and projections, as volumetric elements, give temperament towards facade. The protect ground as like disappears turning right into a washboard roofing as expression in the development with the creative practice. The forms purity movements for the constructive scheme, for the materials, and for the setting fostering the union between home plus the context by that is based.



Architects: A-cero

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