Malgrats Seven Villa Design by Joan Miquel and Tono Villa Sequi Arquitectos

Architecture, Brown Hedge With Iron Material And White Wall Also White House With Stone Wall: Malgrats Seven Villa in Mallorca

If you like bathing in loads of normal sun light, you could want to contemplate possessing this Malgrats Seven villa. This estate is created by Joan Miquel and Tono Villa Sequi Arquitectos and it is situated in the one and only Santa Ponsa, a gorgeous and stunning island in Mallorca, Spain.

This villa comes with modern design and style that would appeal your demands of peaceful and highly unique resting spot. In contrast to the surrounding, this property seems to be so distinctive like it has its very own traits.

Basically, there are plenty of interesting architectural curves that make this estate attractive and gorgeous in its personal viewpoint. It also comes in open space design. It is primarily employing glassy walls for the major cover, and also open design rooftops.

You can often have a sunbathing minute on the terrace considering that it is not covered at all. It seems that the warmth is the primary attraction of this spot, producing individuals don’t feel the require to cover themselves from the heat.

Organic stones are integrated as the major component of the décor. The outdoor wall is manufactured of stone and the swimming pool is also decorated with such stones. The swimming pool is located a bit farther from the property, but the idea is to get pleasure from the sun as prolonged as you wish, so it is not a big deal.

Organic stones are also the principal component in the master bedroom and bathroom. Bedroom adopts the open room concept thinking about there is no door connecting to the bathroom. As an alternative, it is only separated with a wall and it has effectively created the space spectacular and elegant.

The interior style is roomy and fairly straightforward. It is the mixture of classic and simplicity. Wooden components are also utilised within the furniture to supply homey atmosphere. The dominant shade is white, and the dominant component is glass. They look excellent when mixed into 1.

Architecture, Glass Table Beside White Bed With Many Pillows And Two White Lamp Also Brown Blanket: Malgrats Seven Villa in Mallorca

Architecture, Circle Lamp With Black Coloring And White Table Also White Chair Also White Curtain: Malgrats Seven Villa in Mallorca

Architecture, Iron Faucet With Circle Washbowl On The Wooden Table And Large Mirror On The White Wall: Malgrats Seven Villa in Mallorca

Architecture, Many Trees In The Middle Yard With Green Grass And Stone Wall Also White Wall And Blue Swimming Pool: Malgrats Seven Villa in Mallorca

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