Mikasi Tipi Design by Sascha Akkermann and Flo Florian


Tipis manage to are actually about the spotlight since a while now, possibly you have also seen? I do love them so for they bring playfulness along with a feeling of rest and revert to carefree childhood times whether or not used within or external. The Mikasi tipi, by developers Sascha Akkermann and Flo Florian can be a fabulous case.

Starting by its name, the word Mikasi means “scissors” in Swahili and the white kind of moon within the language of Indians, quite best suited don’t you find? Its expandable accordion layout which permits the tepee to stretch out from the whole diameter of 2,50 cm and height of 2,50cm, somehow reminds of scissors.

The white coloring of its long lasting fabric would shine romantically in the mild of your moon when the tipi will be placed with your back garden or perhaps just someplace under a hardwood around a lake inside the woods or within the strand of the stunning beach.


The tipi can fully modify to unique needs, also based to weather conditions conditions. The twelve sails manufactured belonging to the durable fabric may be closed or open, letting that you decide how much sunlight you so desire expose yourselves along with your company.

In its tiniest version, Mikasi stages at 2,65cm high with its lowest diameter getting 1,40cm. The sails are guaranteed to wooden polls made out of ash which enables it to be altered in line with your wants incredibly easily with 1 hands. No question it obtained the Interior Innovation Award for 2013!

Are you with me during the idea that escaping inside this tipi would even complete a “staycation” look primarily interesting plus fact adventurous enough for getting all around your property asset?






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